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Night Visions Scopes: Seeing in Darkness

Night visions scopes are your gateway for being able to see at night when all the lights are out and the sun has set. These scopes are hand-held single infrared optical devices that help you see at night as well as in low light conditions and it looks as if it is still daytime.

How do Night Visions Scopes Work?

Like most other night optics, night vision scopes use electronic technology rather than optical lenses to create the image. The image that is seen is actually an amplification of the scene that is then projected on to a phosphorus screen. The device actually takes any available light and creates an image on the screen. The more light there is available, the better the image will be. For conditions that have little to no light, a stronger night vision scope would be needed. Night vision scopes come in a variety of types with various degrees of sophistication. These levels are referred to as generations that range from one to four.

  • Generation One: Generation 1 Models are the most affordable night vision scopes that many people purchase. This generation provides the chance to enhance the images using an adapter kit with IR illuminators.
  • Generation Two: This generation of night vision scopes has micro channel plates that make this type powerful.
  • Generation Three: With this generation, you can see in complete darkness with great clarity. Generation 3 night vision scopes may be more suitable for professionals as they are more expensive.
  • Generation Four: Generation four night vision scopes have the most advanced technology that can provide quality images in total darkness. These are the most expensive types that are often used by professionals such as police officers, security personnel, investigators and so on.

Choosing the Best Night Vision Scope

Before you choose which night vision scope you want to purchase, you may want to consider some factors. These can include the purpose of the scope such as scouting game, camping, surveillance, observing wildlife at night, or hunting and fishing at night. The range of night vision is also important if you want high resolution images and magnification qualities. Powerful lenses are the key to quality night vision. Regardless of the purpose and your decision, you will find that night vision scopes are an effective way of observing and looking around in darkness.

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