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Night vision optics make use of image-enhancement technology to improve the images we see in darkness. Night optic systems collect light which may be visible, minimal or infrared, then amplifies the intensity and presents it on a screen. The objective lens does the important function of gathering incidental light or infrared radiation. Inside the device, the real action of night vision optics begins.

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The light is passed through the image-intensifier tube to transform the photons, or the wavelengths of light, into electrons using a photocathode. This function is powered by an onboard battery. The electrons are multiplied by the micro channel plate in the image intensifier tube with the use of fiber-optic technology.

The electrons will then hit the phosphor-coated screen in the same position as when they entered the image-intensifier tube. The electrons, due to their impact contact with the phosphor-coated screen, will release photons that produce the green image on the screen. This image will be seen through the ocular lens, which will enable you to adjust and magnify the image.